Wooden Schooners

Welcome on board our three Wooden Schooners


Mira is a two-masted schooner built in Faaborg, Denmark in 1898. Mira fought hard to compete on the shipping markets until competition finally forced small freighters out of the market. Her nickname – “First Lady of Nyhavn” – derives from her beauty.

Mira sleeps 12 and has space for 22 on day trips.

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Halmø – a two-masted schooner – has an interesting history. After being launched in Faaborg, Denmark in 1900, she ploughed Danish waters as a freighter and carried many Danish Jews to safety in Sweden during the Second World War.

Halmø sleeps 10 and has space for 42 on day trips.

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Lilla Dan

Lilla Dan is a red topsail schooner built in Svendborg, Denmark in 1951 as a training ship for the J. Lauritzen shipping company, which still owns the beautiful wooden ship today. The concept for the ship was to give trainees a sense of life at sea.

Lilla Dan sleeps 16 and has space for 40 on day trips.

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