Schooner Halmø

Schooner Halmø

The ship is owned by K/S Halmø, the partners of which are Stevns Shipping Ltd, Halberg Investment Ltd, both based in Svendborg, and the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel.

The beautiful old schooner, now more than 100 years old, was built by the master shipbuilder Rasmus Møller, who was also responsible for the construction of many of the Danish state’s wooden built lightships.

After she was launched in 1900, Halmø plied Danish waters for many years as a freight and packet ship. During the Second World War, Halmø contributed to the dramatic evacuation of Danish Jews to Sweden.

In 1974, Halmø’s sailing life radically changed course when the boat builder Freddy Jørgensen virtually fell in love with the ship while she was tied up in Sæby harbour. During the next 11 years, Freddy Jørgensen and his son invested more than 12,000 hours of hard work and elbow grease in the restoration and conversion of Halmø as a classic yacht.

The schooner was fitted with new masts of selected, well matured larch – and subsequently oak planks, a new rudder and a steel keel. The old cargo hold was carefully renovated and converted to a beautiful saloon with open galley, a 4-berth cabin and three 2-berth cabins as well as bath and toilet facilities.

Halmø is now one of Denmark’s best preserved schooners with the classic, early 20th century features blend with modern conveniences. The ship has a permitted sailing capacity of 42 passengers.

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