Mira Facts

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Mira Fact Sheet

Length Overall: 27,5 metres, 90 feet 3 inches
Hull Length: 18,5 metres, 60 feet 8 inches
Beam: 5,05 metres, 16 feet 7 inches
Draught: 1,95 metres, 6 feet 5 inches
Gross Tonnage: 58
Sail Area: 270 m2, 2,906 ft2
Main Engine: 180 HP, Detroit diesel
Trading Permit from Danish Maritime Authorities: Trading Permit 2019

Meet the experienced captain of Mira Jess Pedersen

It is the captain’s responsibility to organize a safe cruise that is adapted to wind and weather. “It is not rocket science, but it is a craftsmanship, and it requires experience to handle such a wooden ship correctly and take good care of it,” he says.

He has enough experience. Jess has sailed since he was a child in the 1970s and has lived on it since he was 18 years old. First as a fisherman in the Faroe Islands, then as a guest on various sailing boats in South America and the Caribbean, before taking his maritime training in the merchant navy. He therefore has many good pirate stories that he is happy to entertain when you meet.

Love to share his passion for the wooden ships

Jess has sailed old wooden ships since 1984 and from 2005 as captain on Mira. His passion for the historic sailing ships arose in the Caribbean when he embarked on the three-masted schooner Elinor. “Then I was sold. The wooden ships are something special. They attract everyone. There is some pondus over 100 tons of oak and a long and exciting story. Everyone smiles when they see a wooden ship,” says Jess.

He does this himself, and he loves to sail with guests who have not tried it before.

“I like to give the guests a good experience. Many think it is fun to hoist the sails, and many are surprised that we are sailing faster by wind force than by motor. 99.8 percent of our guests are happy regardless of the weather, and I like to end my workday with happy people around me. It is relatively easy for me, because the ship does the most. It would not have been easy to be a parking guard,” says Jess.