Lilla Dan Facts

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Lilla Dan Fact Sheet

Length Overall: 34,1 metres, 111 feet 10 inches (incl. bowsprit)
Waterline Length: 25 metres, 82 feet
Beam: 6,20 metres, 20 feet 4 inches
Draught: 2,35 metres, 7 feet 8 inches
Gross Tonnage: 100,20
Net Tonnage: 30,00
Sail Area: 280 m2, 3013,6 ft2
Main Engine: 90 HP, Alpha diesel
Built: 1951 at Ring Andersen Shipyard in Svendborg, Denmark
Restoration: 1996-1997
Trading Permit from Danish Maritime Authorities: Trading Permit 2019

Meet the experienced captain of Lilla Dan Jesper Hjorth Johansen

Jesper Hjorth Johansen has been the schooner captain at Lilla Dan since 2001, but since 1987 he has been the captain of various sailing ships. Among other things, he has sailed six years at Halmø, which is also part of the navy in the United Sailing Ships.

Jesper Hjorth Johansen has a broad education – both as a seaman and as a ship engineer. He has sailed in the merchant navy and led major renovation tasks on, among other things, M / S Navigator from 1941 and M/S HV Ravn from 1945.

Jesper Hjorth Johansen is completely at home on an old wooden ship. He started his sailing career as a child in Faaborg in various dinghies, including the traditional dinghy, and as a 12-year-old he was on his first sailing trip in a schooner.