Halmø Facts

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Halmø Fact Sheet

Length overall: 32 metres, 105 feet
Deck length: 21 metres, 69 feet
Beam: 5,96 metres, 19 feet 6 inches
Draught: 2,40 metres, 7 feet 10 inches
Gross tonnage: 58,71
Net tonnage: 16,73
Sail area: 350 m2, 3767 ft2
Main engine: 170 HP, Gardner diesel
Built: 1900 by master shipbuilder Rasmus Møller in Faaborg, Denmark
Restoration: 1974 – 1985
Trading Permit from Danish Maritime Authorities: Trading Permit 2019

Meet the captain of Halmø Emil Lind Ankerstjerne

Emil Lind Ankerstjerne has been captain on the schooner Halmø since 2018. He is a trained navigator from 2015 at Marstal Navigation School, and he is very excited about sailing the beautiful wooden ships.

“When we sail, we help to preserve and convey the tradition and maritime culture that we have in Denmark. It’s great to experience the guests’ enthusiasm and reaction when they board, because the ships really have a wow effect. An old wooden ship is a completely different world for our guests, and they always get a good experience they can remember,” he says.

Many years experience on historic Schooners

Adventurousness and curiosity characterize Emil. His dreams of getting around the world and experiencing something new meant that in 2011 he graduated as a student at the Danish sail traning ship DENMARK.

“I think it was quite fascinating to sail an old sailing ship, and I was caught by it immediately,” says Emil.

Since then he got a job as a seaman and later as a mate at Lilla Dan, who is also part of the United Sailing Ships fleet. At Skoleskibet Danmark, Emil has also worked as a quartermaster and boatman, and therefore he has good experience with teaching on board a sailing ship.

A sailing ship requires maintenance, and it is Halmø’s captain himself to stand for throughout the year. Here Emil can draw on his time in England, where he helped renovate the three-masted bark “Kaskelot”, which is the world’s largest sailing wooden ship.