Cruises Programme

Cruises 2017 on board a Tall Ship

Would you like to spend a different and active holiday on a Tall Ship? Our cruises programme is released every year on 1st February.

New Cruise – Cruise in Denmark on the Schooner Mira

Our berths are torn away and all the cruises is soon sold out. But Helas, we just got another opportunity for a cruise more in Denmark in 2017.

5 days aboard the Schooner Mira with boarding in Juelsminde Monday 17th July at 14:00. Ending in Nyborg Friday 21st July at 17:00.

Sailing depending on wind direction in the sea north of Funen and the Little Belt with visits to one or more islands as Endelave, Tunø, Samsø or Bogø with Nyborg as terminal port. No sailing experience is needed to participate in the cruise.

Price per Adult: DKK 3,950. You can book your berth in our webshop.

The Sailing Race Rum Regatta

6 days starting in Copenhagen on Wednesday 24 May at 18:00 hours. Ending in Korsør Monday 29 May at approximately 12:00 hours. Navigation through Grønsund and Storstrømmen or south of Gedser to Sønderborg. Friday from Sønderborg race to Flensburg and Saturday the Rum Regatta – hereafter return to Denmark.

Price per adult: DKK 4,250

Cruise 1 – The Archipelago of Norway

7 days starting in Aalborg on Sunday 2 July at 16:00 hours. Ending in Oslo Saturday 8 July at approximately 12:00 hours.

Navigation through the Kattegat, through the Norwegian Archipelago and western
Oslo fiord to Oslo.

Price per adult: DKK 5,900

Cruise 2 – The Archipelago of Norway and Sweden

7 days starting in Oslo on Sunday 9 July at 16:00 hours. Ending in Uddevalla Saturday 15 July at approximately 12:00 hours.

Navigation through the Archipelago of Oslo, ”The Koster Islands” the Archipelago of Sweden via “The Sote Canal”, Hamburgsund before reaching Uddevalla.

Price per adult: DKK 5,900

Cruise 3 – The Archipelago of Sweden

7 days departing from Uddevalla on Sunday 16 July at 16:00 hours. Ending in Nyborg Saturday 22 July at approximately 12:00 hours.

Navigation through through the Archipelago south of Uddevalla via Bassholmen, Käringon and with visits to selected harbours and natural harbours north of Gothenburg to Nyborg via Kattegat.

Price per adult: DKK 5,900

Round Funen (Fyn Rundt)

Round Limfjorden (Limfjorden Rundt)

Conditions on board

The participants will be divided into watches which operate the vessel in co-operation with the crew. All participants will under guidance by the crew take part in the daily work onboard e.g. carry out duties as a helmsman, common cleaning, duties in the galley and pantry, setting sail and sailing manoeuvres according to a fixed schedule. There are two watch-keeping periods during night navigation. Depending of the composition of the participants and the purpose of the cruise, the cruises will consist of both sailing theory with a schooner, practice and various sailing manoeuvres with the vessel, where the individual participant will be in command during manoeuvring. No sailing experience is needed to participate in the cruises (including sailing races/regattas).

The navigation will be planned in consideration of both children and adults. Sailing will mainly take place during daytime. The minimum age for participation is 5 years (children shall be accompanied by their parents/adults). Children under 12 years are half-price.

Please find facts on the Wooden Schooners here.

Come sail with us on a Sailing Cruise of 2 hours from Copenhagen

If you can’t wait you can buy a ticket for yourself and maybe your family and friends on Sailing Cruises from Copenhagen.

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