Trekroner Fortress

Sail on a treasure hunt to the offshore fortress, Trekroner

Invite your guests on a schooner trip for an active day ashore on the offshore fortress, Trekroner, just outside Copenhagen Harbour. Once ashore, the island’s fortifications provide the perfect site for a treasure hunt as well as other activities for children and adults to enjoy.

As the schooner slowly glides out of the harbour, the skipper will recount a short history of the ship and tell you a little about the experiences which the day has in store for you.

Everybody will be invited to help set the schooner’s numerous large sails – a fun task to share with other guests and a very satisfying experience as the breeze fills out the sails and the schooner begins to run before the wind.

A digital treasure hunt on Trekroner

The Trekroner Sea Fortress towards which we head has an interesting history, encouraging the whole family to explore and to learn more about Copenhagen’s defences.

You could try the challeng game of “Missing in Time” or use your cell phone as a digital binocular on a treasure hunt to uncover hidden clues scattered around the fortress. And you can enjoy your picnic ashore or on board the schooner.

As you head home towards the Admiral Quay, you can quench your thirst with a cool draught of beer while taking in the landmarks of Copenhagen’s harbour from the sea.

Prices from: 559 DKK per person with minimum 24 persons. The price includes a 3 hour sailing trip on board the schooner Halmø and picnic sandwich.

If you would like to know more or simply reserve a schooner, please feel free to contact United Sailing Ships.