Round Limfjorden

Come sail with us in the traditional sailing regatta Limfjorden Rundt for Tall Ships

7 days Round Limfjorden departing from Aalborg on Monday 13 September 2021 at 11.30 hours to Løgstør. Meals for all guests and crews in all harbours. The race ends in Skive on Saturday 18 September at approx. 16.00 hours followed by a party for all guests and crews. Ending/signing-off on Sunday 19 September at 10.00 hours in Skive or at 18.00 hours in Aalborg.

Each year, up to 65 old Ships are gathered to the Regattae that has gradually become the largest wooden ship Race in the Nordic countries. From an early start in 1988 with 6 Schooners, it has now developed into a wonderful folk party in the six ports in Limfjorden visited every year on the cruise.

Sailing schedule Limfjorden Rundt (Round Limfjorden):

13 September Ålborg – Løgstør (practice – not part of the race)
14 September Løgstør – Thisted
15 September Thisted – Struer
16 September Struer – Nykøbing
17 September Nykøbing – Fur
18 September Fur – Skive

For those who want to participate on individual days, it will only be possible to stay overnight if the cruise is not fully booked

Price per adult: 6,650 DKK
Price per adult for individual days 975

We reserve the right to make changes to the above.

Conditions onboard

The participants will be divided into watches which operate the vessel in co-operation with the crew. All participants will under guidance by the crew take part in the daily work onboard e.g. carry out duties as a helmsman, common cleaning, duties in the galley and pantry, setting sail and sailing manoeuvres according to a fixed schedule.

Depending of the composition of the participants, the cruises will consist of both sailing theory with a schooner, practice and various sailing manoeuvres with the vessel, where the individual participant will be in command during manoeuvring. No sailing experience is needed to participate in the below cruises (including sailing races/regattas).

Please find facts on the wooden schooners here.