Hold christening or namegiving in unique settings on a sailing ship

A christening or naming celebrated in the unique setting of an old wooden ship out on the sea, where the horizon is as magical and attractive as life is marvelous. Can you imagine a better environment for the celebration of your newborn baby?

When and how does a christening take place at sea?

All Danish children must be named within 6 months, but you decide when you want to celebrate your child. Many do so after baptism in the church. You can also hold a namegiving ceremony with a reception for many guests before we go to sea with the chosen ones. We can adjust the duration of the voyage and you can help hoist the sails if you wish. We provide food, and if you have ideas for table decorations, you are welcome to make your personal touch.

Where do we sail from and where do we sail to?

The United Sailing Ships’ three schooners are based in the Port of Copenhagen, but we also sail from the Port of Tuborg and the ports of Skovshoved, Rungsted, Helsingør, Dragør, Kastrup now called Scanport – well any major port in the Sound near your home or favorite church.

If the starting point is Copenhagen, the trip often goes north. When Trekroner Søfort has passed, and we have Copenhagen’s many towers in the background, we are ready to set sail. The Captain determines the course to suit the wind direction of the day and the sailing becomes comfortable.

Invitation to christening or namegiving

It is a good idea to write in the invitation that the day’s program offers a boat trip so that guests can look forward to this unique experience. Here is an example of a program:

11.00 You arrive from the baptism in the church, and the skipper welcomes you on board and tells you about the day’s sailing.
11.15 We sail up the coast. We hoist sails and you are welcome to participate.
13.00 Buffet is served on the deck or in the salon.
15.00 We serve coffee or a drink on deck while you enjoy the sailing.
16.00 We are well back along quay after some nice hours together.

If you hold a naming ceremony and the party is not to be held as an extension of the Sunday service, it can also be arranged as a brunch in the morning or a dinner in the evening. You can also choose that the sailing itself ends e.g. an hour before and that the rest of the event is held along the quay.

How to book in a christening party at sea?

Our boat rental prices in 2021 for a 5 hour boat trip start from DKK 633 per person at 30 persons. In addition you can choose if you want any food or drinks on board. Feel free to contact us for an offer, and if you have any ideas you would like to discuss with us.