A confirmation is a very special occasion…celebrate aboard a beautiful historic schooner with family and friends

Celebrating your confirmation at sea on our historic sailing ship can be an event that brings family and friends together for a fun and unforgettable experience.

The confirmand can enjoy being the centre of attention, but in a relaxed and happy setting with the crew sailing the vessel and adding a sailor’s good cheer to the party atmosphere.

A sailing ship for most confirmations

The confirmand gets the place of honour near the helm next to the captain and can then set the course for his or her new future. The first stop is an anchorage where the party and the speeches can be held.

At the United Sailing Ships we have three schooners in different sizes that could fit most confirmations parties. We sail from Copenhagen or from other ports and most often on the Sound (Øresund).

Where can we sail to?

If the starting point is Copenhagen, the trip often goes north. When we are past Trekroner Fortress with Copenhagen’s skyline as our backdrop, we hoist sails.

Depending on the wind, the captain may set course along the beautiful North Zealand coast past Charlottenlund Fortress, Tuborg and Skovshoved Harbour. This route gives us beautiful views of the forests that go all the way down to the coast and the Royal Hunting Lodge, The Hermitage.

In clear weather we can see the Swedish island of Hven, before we turn the schooner over the stay and aim back to Copenhagen once we have passed Grundtvigskirken, which is Denmark’s largest brick building.

Our recommendation is to listen to the Captain, who will suggest the best voyage route of the day, based on the weather forecast, wind direction and strength.

Ideas for celebrating your confirmation

It’s also also possible to celebrate a confirmation with a reception onboard while the ship is moored at Admiral Quay.

Contact us for a non-binding offer on a confirmation, non-firmation or 15th birthday for your boy or girl.