Spreading ashes at sea for a cinerary – a memorable farewell

The United Sailing Ships offer to make the scattering of ashes a beautiful and unforgettable ceremony for the relatives. An old wooden ship creates a natural, historical setting for the memories you have of the deceased.

How does ash spread at sea?

Quietly we will glide through the water, spread the ashes over the sea and with flowers take a dignified and beautiful farewell. You can choose to sing just the hymns and songs that suit the occasion and the person you are saying goodbye to. Then we sail around the ashes and the flowers as a final farewell. The wide horizon and the salty fresh air are like balm for the soul and fill the heart with comfort. After this funeral at sea, you will be able to send thoughts to the deceased every time you look out over the ocean. After the ash spread, we can serve grave beer on the deck or in the salon. It gives plenty of time and peace to remember the deceased.

An example of the spread of ash in the Sound

We are very flexible and can sail from many ports in the Sound or for that matter other ports in Denmark. One option is, for example:

1000 Captain welcomes on board in CPH.
1015 We set course for the sea.
1115 Ash spreading, singing and ceremony.
1200 Guests are offered funeral feast on the deck or in the salon.
1300 Well back in the Port of Copenhagen after a dignified farewell.

Where do we sail and where do we scatter the ashes?

The starting point for our sailing trips is the Port of Copenhagen, but we can also sail from other ports primarily on Zealand, for example. Skovshoved, Rungsted or Dragør.

Depending on the wind and weather, the skipper sets the course and chooses a suitable place for the ash spreading, so that the sailing becomes most comfortable.

Rules for spreading ashes as civil burial

The rules for spreading ash must be observed. They appear from the Executive Order on the Funeral and Cremation Act, section 3, subsection 3, which is an amendment to Act no. 346 of 26 June 1975. The deceased must, as a starting point, have expressed a wish in writing for the spreading of ashes at sea after cremation. At can a form is retrieved so that the survivors have proof that the deceased wants to have his ashes scattered over the sea. The current rules on the spreading of ash over the high seas entered into force on 1 January 2009.

How much does a funeral at sea cost on a historic sailing ship?

As you know, the sea does not send any annual bills, so in addition to the fee you have agreed with the undertaker, you pay for the ship rent, which depends on which day you want, how many hours for the cruise and how many guests and off course if you order any food and or beverages. You can see our prices here.