Family festivities are togetherness

Family celebrations are togetherness and are always remembered for the atmosphere,
the shared activities and the special experiences. Family parties on our classic ships
in the Sound from Copenhagen, Denmark are all of this – and more.


The historic wooden ships provide a romantic setting for a wedding party, where the celebration of love can be held outdoors as the ship plies the waters at full sail...


Hold a unique name-giving celebration onboard a sailing ship. The unique setting of an old wooden ship out at sea, where the horizon is as magical as life is marvellous.


Celebrating your confirmation at sea on our historic sailing ship can be an event that brings family and friends together for a fun and unforgettable experience.

Birthday Party

Throw your party on board a wooden ship. Host your birthday with food and drinks on board one of our beautiful and historic wooden schooners


Celebrate a red-letter day or your anniversary with a reception in unique, maritime surroundings. Our sailing ships offer a fascinating venue to which you can invite your guests...

Round Funen

Come sail with us in the traditional Tall Ships Race Round Funen - every year in week 30. Book your own bunk for 7 days - no sailing experience is needed...

Food on board

All meals are made by the talented chefs at the Copenhagen Admiral Hotel and can be enjoyed either in the ships' cozy salon or on deck ....

Picnic to an Island

Sail on a treasure hunt to the offshore fortress, Trekroner, just outside Copenhagen Harbour...

Fleet Cruise

Enjoy this little video from a trip with our schooners and get a sense of what you can expect on a fleet cruise on the Sound...