Teambuilding activities for everybody

Teambuilding on board one of our schooners is made up of outdoor activities in which everybody can participate – and from which everybody will learn something. Co-operation will be strengthened and communication will be improved and each participant will reveal new competencies and discover new resources amongst his or her colleagues.

The mere fact of sailing a schooner – i.e. to set her in motion – is an authentic teambuilding activity. All hands are needed and each must recognize the importance of each other – just as within a company.

Teambuilding activities with useful learning

On board you will set the course, run up and trim the sails to ensure the best possible progress. All tasks must necessarily be coordinated, decisions taken and actions implemented – and there is rarely room for hesitation. Everything, of course, takes place after expert instruction and supervision by the crew.

Teambuilding activities with kayaks, knots and galley

A good sailing trip requires good food and cooking in the galley can be part of a teambuilding event. Tying secure knots or jumping overboard from the bowsprit are other challenges – and we can add even more maritime teambuilding events – for example, inshore in kayaks or a “man overboard” activity that involves “life saving”.

Sailing at night, taking shifts at keeping watch is yet another teambuilding activity – one which enhances the senses and an understanding of various forms of communication.

Facts – and the planning of outdoor teambuilding activities

We have three schooners, each of which has sleeping space for from 10 to 16 guests and a combined capacity of 38 sleeping guests. You can see more about the two wooden schooners Halmø and Lilla Dan. This allows us considerable flexibility and we can create the programme of activities together with you, ensuring that your team will be challenged in those spheres that are important for you.

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