Picnic Cruise

On a Picnic Trip with a picnic basket

Invite your guests on a picnic cruise in the Sound. We will set the sails for an adventure and you can choose to enjoy the picnic afloat or go ashore and enjoy your picnic beneath a shady tree.

On all our sailing trips, the Captain will tell you the story of the ship and about the day’s adventures, as the ship glides slowly out of the harbour. Highlights on shore in Wonderful Copenhagen will include the Little Mermaid (although you will probably need a binocular to see her!!), the Royal Palace, the Opera House and the Marble Church. Departing from Copenhagen Harbour, the compass will be set for your picnic cruise spot.

If you like, you can help with running up the sails which is a very satisfying experience as the breeze fills out the sails and the schooner begins to run before the wind.

Picnic on a green island surrounded by the blue Sound

The schooner heads for the next harbour or island – you can go ashore and explore, enjoy your picnic on land or return to the romantic veteran ship and enjoy it on deck. The crew loosens the hawser and the ship heads once again towards Copenhagen. On the way, you can quench your thirst with a cool beer while admiring the landmarks of Copenhagen’s harbour from the sea.

Contact us, if you would like to know more or book a schooner for the picnic sailing trip of your life.