Visit Middelgrundsfortet after a wonderful sailing trip on board one of our historic schooners

Take a wonderful trip to Middelgrundsfortet from the Port of Copenhagen with a boat from Admiral Quay. An amazing sailing experience where you have the ship to yourself instead of taking a ferry.

Boat trip to Middelgrundsfortet

The trip to the fortress can be done with engine power, but we recommend sailing with the wind. This way you can enjoy an authentic and serene experience on board before the ship arrives at the spectacular island.

Go ashore and visit the historic fortress Middelgrundsfort. Here you will be filled with fresh impressions from the sea, the traditional sailing ships and the exciting past of the Sea Fortress.

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Restaurant at Middelgrundsfortet

On your trip to Middelgrundsfortet you can take pleasure in a delicious lunch in the ship’s cozy lounge or enjoy a brunch on deck. If you order food on board, the excellent food of the boat trip is made by skilled chefs at the Admiral Hotel’s restaurant. See menu suggestions and prices for food for your trip.

What is the Middelgrundsfort?

The Middelgrund Fortress is the world’s largest man-made island, which for many years served as a sea fortress. Historically, it has been a significant part of Copenhagen’s defence, together with Trekroner Fort and Flakfortet. Today the island is owned by the Middelgrundsfonden, supported by the Nordea Foundation and serves as the “youth island” for the Danish Scout Corps and other youth organizations.

At the old sea fortress, Scouts and other young people can have unique outdoor experiences and organize various activities. The youth island is also open to businesses, organizations and public institutions.

How long does it take to sail to Middelgrundsfortet?

For motor it takes a good half hour to sail to Middelgrundsfortet. If we use the sails it depends on the wind conditions of the day, but we usually recommend that you add 1-2 hours to the engine time. This gives you the opportunity and time to set sails and let the wind take you to your destination.

A schedule could be:
1000 Departure CPH
1300 Arrival to Middelgrundfortet and ex. Lunch on board.
1400 Departure Middelgrundsfortet
1500 Arrival Admiral Quay

You can also choose a 24-hour trip with an overnight stay in the fortress’ beds ashore in addition to the bunks on board the ship.

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