Management Meetings

Management Meetings aboard a sailing ship

Why not arrange a management meeting or a competence and qualification improvement course on board a veteran sailing ship – it will be a meeting which everybody will remember.

New surroundings – new thinking

A new environment inevitably inspires new thinking and an effective meeting aboard a sailing ship would be revitalising for management or for any other personnel group.

The clear, fresh air at sea is conducive to creative thinking and innovative ideas and the team spirit resulting from the sailing trip will yield daily benefits.

Management meetings or competence promotion with learning

You are literally all in the same boat, when you arrange a management meeting on board a sailing ship. Whether the objective is management training, strategy, communication or competence promotion, our sailing ships provide the perfect setting for the event.

The command and running of a sailing ship is a manifold task, which tests the individual’s ability to co-operate, generate confidence as well as manage and allocate tasks. You could incorporate input from a process consultant on your sailing trip, to improve talent development and heighten learning.

Example of a management meeting on board a sailing ship

08.30 Welcome aboard, breakfast and opening management meeting.
10.30 Departure, setting sail for an island or another harbour in the Sound with the possibility to participate in learning activities on board, based on the focus of your event.
12.00 Arrive in harbour, tie up followed by lunch and continuation of the management meeting, either in the ship’s saloon or on deck.
15.30 With the compass set for the homeward leg, it is time for conclusions – and a breather.
17.00 Safely back in harbour – revitalised with new plans and the sea in your veins. We know that it works!

How to book your management meeting

Our 2021-Shipshire prices for a 9 hour cruise starts from 875 DKK/pax. at 24 pax. Feel free to choose your food on board Study our full pricelist for boat charter and contact us for a quotation, which meets your criteria.

If you prefer to start from ex. Tuborg, Hellerup, Skovshoved, Rungsted, Helsingør, Dragør, Køge or other harbours that can be arranged.