Combine a wonderful trip with an excursion to Flakfortet onboard your private ferry

Enjoy a wonderful cruise to Flakfortet right outside Copenhagen harbor by boat from Admiral Quay. It will be an excursion you will never forget, filled with impressions from the historic sailing ships, the view, the sea and the exciting history of Flakfortet.

You can choose to sail the short distance in 55 minutes by engine, but we recommend more hours so there will be time to hoist sails while enjoying staying on the schooner and visiting the island.

The sailing ship can also be your own restaurant

In addition to the sailing, we can offer ex. Brunch on deck before you capture the fort and enter into the spirit of its amazing story. The view of Copenhagen and the salty fresh air is the extra spice – here the food will taste better! See menu suggestions and our prices on Food on board.

How does the trip to Flakfortet go?

It is up to you how and how long you want to sailing to Flakfortet and wheather you want a short or long trip on the fort, but we can propose the following schedule over 5 hours:

Kl. 09.00 Welcome on board from Admiralkaj near Nyhavn. The Captain informs about today’s sailing and tells the history of the Schooner.
Kl. 09.15 We sail on the course towards Flakfortet. We hoist sails and you are welcome to participate. It’s both fun and challenging.
Kl. 10.00 We serve Brunch on deck or in the salon below deck. Now you can go ashore and experience Flakfortet.
Kl. 13.15 You have taken the fort and we are ready for departure.
Kl. 14.00 We will arrive again in Copenhagen Harbor at Admiral Quay after some historic hours together.

What can you do on Flakfortet?

A stroll around on your own with your own map is an option. You can also order island battle, ghost hunt, guided tour of the history of the fort, or take a game of mini-golf on the island. The ideas can be used both for colleagues or friends and family.

Contact us for an offer of an excursion that suits the number of passengers attending and the numbers of hours you would like to go sailing.