Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on a sailing ship this summer and experience unforgettable adventures together with your colleagues and friends

Or strengthen your business relations and show them Copenhagen from the seaside while you benefit being host of a nice dinner or lunch with drinks.

A Dinner Cruise from a Harbour in Denmark

We are flexible, but can recommend a summer excursions of five hours duration with departure from Copenhagen.

As we start out, a journey begins in the strong maritime tradition. You get it all: Experiences, good food and nice service, maritime atmosphere and cozy gathering.

Hoist the sails on your Summer Cruise

We start with a welcome drink and sail past the Royal Playhouse, the Opera House, the Royal Palace Amalienborg, The Little Mermaid, and if we are lucky Dannebrog  the Royal Ship. Now we hoist sails and our guests are always welcome to attend. It’s an exciting joint task and a very satisfying sight when the wind fills the sailcloth all the way out and drifts the Schooner calmly forward. Our crew is always helpful and welcoming.

Dinner on deck and saltwater spray in your hair

We serve Dinner or Buffet on deck under the blue sky, where you can indulge the summer and the sights, or if you prefer we can serve the menu in the ship’s lounge under deck. You can even add entertaining features and speeches.

Now it’s time to admire Denmark from the seaside with a drink in your hand before returning to the quay. The gaff sails are packed, and the experience gets stuck in the memory with flushed cheeks, salt water scent in the hair and beautiful pictures on the retina.

Recommendation of a nice Summer Excursion

We are flexible regarding time and duration of the cruise. Here is an example:

1700 Welcome on board and drinks.
1715 We start the adventures and watch the sights of Copenhagen from the harbour. It’s time to hoist sails and you are welcome to help the crew.
1800 Dinner is served on deck or in the saloon.
2000 The course is set for return and we serve coffee. Sails are ready to be packed and you can admire the sunset.
2200 Well back tied up along berth with unforgettable memories.

If you prefer to start from ex. Tuborg, Hellerup, Skovshoved, Rungsted, Helsingør, Dragør, Køge or other harbours that can be arranged.

Boat Charter Prices in 2021 for a 5 hours sailing cruise starts from 633 DKK/pax. at 30 pax. You can choose exactly what you prefer for dinner or lunch – please have a look on Food on board.

Welcome on board your private Dinner Cruise!