Daytrip to Hven

Sail to the Swedish isle of Hven

If you would really like to pamper your guests or employees, invite them on a sailing trip to Hven.

The trip can start from harbours along the coast of the Sound

The schooner will be tied up ready for you in Copenhagen, Helsingør or Rungsted or any other suitable harbour along the coast of the Sound. Your skipper will welcome you aboard and the crew will tell you the story of the ship and about the day’s adventures, as the ship glides slowly out of the harbour – starting off your daytrip to Hven.

Set the sails on a sail trip to Hven

Once the course is set, the guests will be invited to help set the schooner’s numerous large sails – a task which requires co-operation and results in a very satisfying experience as the breeze fills out the sails and the schooner begins to run before the wind.

During the trip, when the skipper rings the ship’s bell, you can enjoy a hot stew and quench your thirst.

Explore Hven

The Swedish isle of Hven will soon be sighted and the schooner will tie up in one of the island’s two small harbours. You can explore the surroundings on foot or rent a bicycle and ride around the island, perhaps visiting the Tycho Brahe Museum or the local whisky distillery.

On the homeward leg, enjoy coffee and home-baked cake and, as the day draws to a close and the ship nears Copenhagen, quench your thirst with a cool beer while admiring the landmarks of Copenhagen’s harbour from the sea.

If you prefer to start from ex. Tuborg, Hellerup, Skovshoved, Rungsted, Helsingør, Dragør, Køge or other harbours that can be arranged.

How to book a family excursion or company outing

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