Corporate Events

Corporate Events to Remember

For your next corporate event, set sails with us and enjoy the fresh, salt sea air, mixing in wide horizons and a little sea spray for the staff party or company outing. Corporate Events to remember.

Or why not impress your clients and arrange your next customer meeting or reception on one of our wooden ships. Let them see Denmark from the sea and experience our proud, maritime traditions.

A corporate events at sea with United Sailing Ships will promote a feeling of positivity, linking your company to success. It will effectively

• strengthen your network
• strengthen the participants’ retention of the message
• strengthen co-operation

Enjoyable experiences improve your corporate events

If you wish, we can challenge your clients or personnel with fun activities during a sailing trip. They inevitably encourage good spirits, creating the bond of a shared experience recalled with pleasure in the months and years ahead. Among other things, we can offer
• teambuilding activities
• seafaring activities such as setting sails
• the schooner’s history – and other mariners’ tales

A corporate event that meets your needs

United Sailing Ships can create a unique corporate event, tailored exactly to your requirements. We have two veteran ships with a total capacity for more than 80 guests.

You can combine the company outing afloat with a meeting, working below deck in an intimate, maritime ambience, the result of which will be valued by all.

Our classic ships are also ideal for receptions, personnel seminars, summer outings, teambuilding activities etc. We can set sail from various harbours, especially in the Sound.